Friday, April 29, 2011

Big Bows For Baby Maddie

One of the blogs I follow is Another Day Stronger. Kellie and James lost their princess Maddie in February at only 4 months to SIDS. Her blog is very hard for me to read sometimes especially since my princess is almost 4 months. We've had a very long road with Annaleigh and I can't imagine losing her now. Today is Spring for SIDS, and Kellie has asked everyone to wear pink and bows in memory of her princess. I had the cutest new fabric so I made Annaleigh a HUGE bow. Matt thinks it is too big. I think it's just right. So here is Annaleigh in her pink (and yellow) and her big new flower. (It's the biggest one she has!)

You can't help smiling, can you?

I just love those pretty eyes!

Enough with the pictures mom!

1 comment:

  1. The bow is super cute how did you make it? Its sad & really hard when I come accross blogs like that just makes me so grateful for a healthy baby.