Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dessert Dilemna and Moral Decisions

My wonderful husband having enormous faith in my ability to create desserts volunteered me to make dessert for his mom's birthday celebration. He said "it's kind of your thing." "It" meaning dessert. Anyway, so I've been looking around to come up with some new ideas. Nothing spoke to me. So this morning at 9:45 I frantically called my mom for some fresh ideas. She was no help, but her friend at work had one that sounded promising. Banana Split Pie! Only not really made as a traditional pie since the original pie recipe needs to be doubled for the masses. Now I have a grocery list for the store, but my kids aren't ready. I quickly get the kiddos ready and head off for the store. I knew I would have to make it quick since Annaleigh would need to eat within the hour. Apparently, I didn't shop fast enough! As I'm grabbing the last thin on my list she starts her Pterodactyl scream she's so famous for. So I race to the front of the store and find the shortest line possible. I check out and quickly head out to the car. I'm too short to see over the car seat if it's sitting in the front of the cart so today I got one of the "fun kids" carts let Phillip sit in the big kid part and put her in the big part of the cart with the groceries in the front. I put a few things in the back around Annaleigh's car seat. As I got her out of the cart to put her into the van I noticed I had missed a bag of powdered sugar in my frenzy to check out. Drats! I already had Phillip in his car seat. Annaleigh was screaming her head off. Really?! I must admit it ran through my head to just get in the car and go home. It's not like this Wal-Mart doesn't rip me off every time I walk through the door. Every single thing is way overpriced. Who would know anyway? I couldn't do it. So I put the rest of the groceries into the van, pulled Phillip back out of his car seat and headed back into the store carrying Annaleigh in her car seat, Phillip and the darn bag of powdered sugar. I head to the closest line, which seemed promising. The only guy in line was almost finished checking out. Did I mention the guy was a little old guy? A sweet, but oh so terribly slow little old guy. He took forever getting his cash out. By this time Phillip has realized the bag of powdered sugar I am holding has cookies on it so he's screaming "cookie, cookie." You try explaining to a 20 mth old that a package with a picture of a cookie does not, in fact, contain cookies. Not so easy. Anyway the nice cashier who realizes how I'm struggling holding a toddler screaming for cookies and a baby crying gives the man his change and promptly rings up my lone bag of powdered sugar. Oh if only life could be rushed so! Little, sweet old man is still putting his money away standing in front of the card swipey machine! Oh good gravy! What a Wal-Mart trip! On a happy note, Annaleigh fell asleep as I was paying AND stayed asleep until I had a bottle ready for her! What luck! So I went home and made my dessert (stopping to feed Annaleigh when she was ready) and had it in the refrigerator to chill all before 1. Yeah, I know, I have no idea where my day went. The dessert looked way cute and everyone seemed to enjoy it so I guess it was all worth it!


  1. The dessert looks way yummy! I can only imagine what its going to be like with two kids it just seems like eveything will be so much harder. But most of my friends who have two kids said its not as bad as they were expecting...do you agree?

  2. oh it was amazing too.

  3. It is hard, but it is manageable. I have 2 under 2 so I think it is much harder than it would be if Phillip were older. Both of mine require a ton of attention. Phillip loves to show off and gets into anything and everything he can. Annaleigh has her days where she just doesn't feel well (gas and reflux)so she's really cranky. I actually go out with them alone quite frequently and it usually isn't bad at all. Everyone I talked to who had 2 under 2 said it is hard in the beginning, but once they are older it is so much easier having them close. Matt is really amazing. I think it would be so much harder if he weren't willing to help out, but I also think it would be easier if he were finished with school.