Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cheesy Chicken Rice

So, I have this problem. I get stuck in a dinner rut quite often. I have started trying lots of new recipes to stay out of the rut, but then I just make those new recipes over and over and forget the old ones we loved. Pinterest has helped me keep a list of recipes we love, but there are those few that were passed down recipes that I can't pin. So I decided to start sharing them here and pinning them on Pinterest. 

I decided to start with my Cheesy Chicken Rice for my lovely sister in law who just asked for the recipe. This one is SUPER easy. 

What you need:

2 Cooked, Shredded Chicken Breasts
2 Boxes Chicken Rice-A-Roni (I use store brand pretty much everything)
1Can Mexi-corn (this will be around the corn in a smaller can...I always have to search for it a bit)
1/2 jar Cheez Whiz

What you do:

I cook the chicken breasts first. Cook the rice according to directions. While the rice is cooking, I let the chicken cool and shred it. Once the rice is done add the corn and let it cook for a couple minutes to heat up the corn. Add the chicken and the cheese. That's it! See super easy AND my kids LOVE it!