Saturday, June 18, 2011

We are in TEXAS!

You would think I would be ecstatic to type those words. They are a little bittersweet for me. Matt had to stay behind for a class this summer. It has been hard, but it's been a super busy week. I think the hardest part was the trip. I almost totally lost it. My kids are fairly decent travelers, but honestly 14+ hours in one day is enough to put anyone over the edge. The first part of day 1 on the road went great. The kids slept most of the way. We were making great time and were scheduled to be at our goal stop for the night earlier than we had anticipated. About 3:30 we came into a town with warning signs of construction ahead "expect major delays; alternate route advised." We were seriously in the middle of NOWHERE, there was no way we were going to be able to figure out an alternate route at that point. So we stopped, fed Annaleigh, let Phillip get some energy out, and prepared for the long haul. The construction ahead turned out to be a one lane road with a pilot car leading traffic from either side. We waited there for probably a half hour. Of course just as we are getting ready to break free Annaleigh decides she has had enough, AND on the other side I get stuck behind semis going under the speed limit. This stretch of the drive was a nightmare. I drove for 6 hours and didn't even go 250 miles. I just wanted to cry! I didn't drive another mile of this trip. My mom decided I could better calm down than kiddos. Annaleigh can be quite the mommy's girl. After going through yet another one lane, pilot car construction zone we finally made it to Amarillo. It was such a hard first day. I missed Matt. We are an amazing team, and it is hard having to do these extremely challenging tasks without him.
The second day was better. We didn't have nearly as far to go. We left Amarillo by 8:30 and were at grandma's house by 6. I did end up having to move things from the back to the front seat so I could sit in the back with the kids and keep them from losing it.
Monday was another crazy day. The Tuesday before we left I noticed a painful lump in my armpit. I thought it was getting better, but by Thursday I realized it was getting worse. I haven't seen a Dr other than an OB since we moved from Texas. So I decided I would just go to my old dermatologist when I got to Texas. By Sunday night this stupid thing hurt so bad I couldn't lift my arm above my head. I was miserable! I got SO lucky and the dr actually had cancellations for Monday and he got me in the same day. It turned out I had a cyst rupture in my armpit causing an insane reaction. As soon as he saw it he got me up on the exam table and immediately started working to drain it. He numbed it, but seriously you would not believe how much that stupid little bump hurt! By Tuesday morning it felt SO much better. In between all the lump drama I had to go shopping with my sister to find a dress, be at a birthday party, and have lunch at Casa Ole, YUM!
The entire week was rather crazy. We found a bridesmaid dress for me. We toured the wedding venue with the amazing photographer who will be shooting the wedding, JOHN! And put on a Bridal Shower! Yeah, one crazy week! Did I mention my mom was gone for 2 of those days so I did some of that stuff with my 2 kids in tow.
All in all things are going good. Phillip has developed a weird raspy voice, which I can't figure out. I've been watching for a fever or any other sign he is sick, but nothing. Annaleigh has very quickly gotten used to being held all the time so it has been hard getting things done without an extra set of hands around. You should have seen us today! My mom and I had food to prepare, a present to finish making, and decorations hang. We eventually busted out the baby backpack. We were that desperate.
We do miss Matt, though. I'm sad we can't be there with him for Father's Day, but I'm grateful he understands my need to be here to help my sister out with the final details of her wedding. I can't tell you how awesome of a father my husband is to our kids. Phillip loves that man to death! As do I! And even though Annaleigh is a momma's girl she gets a big smile when she sees her daddy come home from work. I couldn't ask for a better father for my children. He truly is a SUPERDAD!