Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wait, what happened to SPRING break!?!

Matt had this week off work for Spring Break. I assume since this is Wyoming it is seriously covered in snow over half the year (You probably think I'm exaggerating. Trust me I'm NOT!) they push spring break back an entire MONTH from everyone else in the country. This week off also coincided with Matt's last week of school. With the exception of a math final he took today, he had everything else turned in on Monday. I thought we were going to have so much fun. Mid-April, no work and no school. We are going to get out. Phillip is going to be able to play outside and get out some of this excess energy. SO wrong! Friday Phillip woke up with a runny nose. It progressively got worse over the weekend. Having a sick baby is the worst, but if they are going to be sick why can't they just be cuddly and sleepy? Phillip has only been that way a couple of times he's sick. His normal sick is full of crankiness, sleep fighting and he still has to be constantly busy. It's the worst! I was still determined we could have a decent spring break. Kids can still play while they are sick. We would of course avoid other kids, but that shouldn't be hard.

Tuesday morning I get up to this....

It actually melted fairly quickly later that day. It wasn't a huge deal. Today Matt was leaving to take his test. I told him the weather was looking nasty and to be careful. He said it was probably just going to rain. It didn't seem cold enough to snow. About  2:30, I look out the window and see this....

Totally snowing! This is where I start laughing like the people in psychiatric hospitals in movies. AHHHHHH! It's days or weeks like this that make me miserable living in this place. I know I should just be happy with wherever I am in my life. I should be grateful I'm here with my little family. There is just only so much snow a Texan can take. My son needs to get out and play so he can stop driving me insane. I need some warmth and sun! Spring break in Wyoming SUCKS!!

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