Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Today, my incredible, amazing, wonderific (he loves that word) husband turned 25! He's officially an old man. At least that is what he told me when I turned 25! (that I was an old woman, not an old man) We had a nice family weekend. It's funny how priorities change when you are a young family still in school with 2 kiddos. There may not be romantic weekends alone anywhere in our near future. SO, we had an alone lunch. Matt's mom watched our kiddos while we went out to lunch here in town. It was definately nice to have an hour without a kid crying or screaming "hold me," "wadder," or "ogurt" (aka, yogurt). Then, we went to the Ogden/Layton area with the kids for the rest of the day. Phillip stayed awake the entire drive, wow! But he was a good boy!

We went to the mall. Matt looked for a new game. Phillip played for a little bit and I scored some hot deals with my JC Penney coupon!

We had dinner at Five Guys where this handsome little boy chowed down on some french fries and ketchup. (He ate some burger, too!)

And mimicked daddy!

Today, we had a birthday party! With Spiderman cupcakes. (I totally improvised the stand!)

And some knock-off Winger's chicken. YUM!

And this was the carnage.

Hopefully, it was a great birthday weekend for him. He's such a great dad and husband. He works full-time and is only a year away from finishing his Bachelor's! YAY! Needless to say, he needs a break sometimes and hopefully his birthday let him know how much I love him and appreciate all he does for us. He is truly amazing. I would not be able to survive raising these 2 kiddos without him. He's my absolute best friend and I'm excited to celebrate so many more birthdays with him!

Happy Birthday, Matt!


  1. Sorry... I am sure it was my kiddos that left their plates on the table instead of putting them in the trash that was 2 feet away from there!!! The chicken was absolutely AMAZING!!!!! I NEED the recipe. :D

  2. I want some more of that chicken... I am craving it!!! :D