Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Annaleigh's Blessing Day

This past Sunday we blessed our beautiful baby girl. I cannot tell you how I excited I was for her this day. We had originally planned to bless her 2 months before, but she got sick, very sick. There were days when both Matt and I feared this day would never come. It probably seems a little dramatic, but it's true. She was a sleepy baby from birth. She didn't want to wake up to eat. She lost a pound in the hospital and became jaundiced. She also had these weird choking spells while in the hospital. She would be sleeping and all of a sudden start gagging. During one she was rushed to the nursery where they suctioned her lungs to remove leftover fluid. Despite all of this we were able to turn things around and bring her home on time. She was beautiful!
She continued to be a sleepy baby as she slowly got rid of her jaundice. Then at 2 weeks she started getting sick. It started out with her just spitting up A LOT. We would use a blanket as a burp cloth in an attempt to catch it all. Then I noticed the spit up was really mucousy. The next day she started again with the random choking/gagging. All of this while we were moving. I can't begin to explain how scary it was to hear her choke in the backseat and have listen intently to make sure she was still breathing. Four days after her first symptoms appeared she had developed a nasty cough. This was  a Sunday so we got her in to see her Dr Monday. She was clinically diagnosed (a test was never done) with RSV. Monday through Thursday of that week we took her into the Dr's office once or twice a day to check her oxygen levels and lungs. Thursday the Dr. told us she seemed to be doing better and it looked like she was on the downhill side of the virus. Matt and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Unfortunately, our battle wasn't over yet. Throughout the weekend she continued to cough, gag, choke. We thought maybe she had a milk allergy so we tried a new formula. We tried feeding her small amounts closer together. Nothing seemed to be working. By Monday, I was so distraught. I told Matt I just couldn't do it anymore. I was so tired of taking her to the Dr. only to hear "You're doing a great job. Just keep doing what you're doing." I felt like we weren't doing a good job at all. Our job as parent's is to keep her safe and from hurting. She was vomiting her entire bottle as soon as we got it into her and would just fall asleep. I knew she wasn't getting enough food. SO, back to the Dr. we went. This time the Dr. decided to send us to get chest x-rays and do a whooping cough test. She sent us over to the hospital and said she would meet us there to do the test herself. As we were waiting for the X-rays, she calls and tells us she wants to just send her to Primary Children's Hospital, an hour away. This is when I lost it. I knew it was a good thing. She would be well taken care of and would be getting the care she needed. It was just a confirmation that she really was THAT sick. Babies shouldn't be allowed to get that sick. That was the longest night of  my life. The Dr. decided it would be best to check her into our hospitals ER and transport her by ambulance. We will NEVER do this again. It took them 5 tries before they finally were able to get an IV started. This was with the help of the Anesthesiologist! They ended up shaving her head  and placing her IV there. We spent 2 nights in the hospital before going home with oxygen. It was another couple of weeks before she was able to keep her oxygen levels high enough without oxygen.

The entire time she was sick all she wanted to do was eat and sleep. She didn't seem like a baby. Every time she would make a noise at night I would jump out of bed to check on her. I was so worried she would choke and I wouldn't hear her. Waking up to her not breathing was my worst fear. So you see, her blessing day was so much more than just her blessing day for us.. It was our "she made it," sigh of relief! And wasn't she just gorgeous!


  1. Wow how scary & stressful Im so sorry but glad she is doing better now & finally was able to get blessed.

  2. She was so beautiful and we are so glad we were there to share that very special day with you guys!!! I am so glad you started a blog too! I will miss you and my babies while you are in Texas this summer and this will be perfect reading for me. :D

  3. during the last two months of my pregnancy with Aubrey my grandmother was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer and died after only 5 1/2 weeks. She lived out her last few weeks at my parents house down the street from me, so we were there every day and it was very stressful and hard. My mom kept saying that the Lord wont give us anything we cant handle, but sometimes I wish He didn't have so much faith in me! I cannot imagine what you must have gone through having a newborn hospitalized. Just know that you are so strong and such a great mom!